I exclusively speak in hyperboles, I own an industrial sized disco ball, I adore getting giddy over everyday magic, I have a kitty who I named Mimosa (even though he’s a dude), I am in graduate school to get my masters in counseling so I can become a play therapist, I’ve seen every Family Guy episode 4 or 5 times, and I am an avid proponent of doing what makes you happy.

So fun fact, I actually started a different blog for the calligraphy business I once had, Serendipity Fine Lines. I’ve always been really into art and design so I started a little side hustle in college as my creative outlet. It was exactly what I needed at the time, but when I moved to Dallas after graduation it became less of a passion. I still loved the blogging aspect of my side hustle, so I created a new site focused on just that! I finally launched sarahmecke.com in January of 2017 to focus on more of what I currently am obsessed with such as fashion, travel, lifestyle, and all things self-love. I really enjoy focusing on what makes you happy and growing into the mentality of not giving a shit what anyone else thinks. This is something I’m increasingly becoming an expert in and it’s such a freeing feeling. I want to share that perspective with my friends and anyone who feels like following along.

Whew, now I need a cocktail!






Residing in Fort Worth, Texas Kasey Kilpatrick is currently working to become a registered dietitian, with the hopes of being certified by the close of 2018. Kasey has a bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences from Texas A&M, which is where her passion for wellness was ignited. While Kasey believes nutrition is the most natural path to disease prevention and ultimate healing, her personal philosophy is that eating well is about more than a physicality. She sees food as a rich source of culture and community, knitted closely together by common desires to change and improve inwardly. Kasey believes that eating healthy should be both fun and accessible to all, and tries to support methods that make healthy food more available to people with limited access to healthy foods and resources with which to prepare them.  She finds cooking to be a relaxing experience and has loved sharing this passion with others. Kasey hopes to help all of you find balance, health, and wellness in your own personal journey, while igniting creativity about the endless ways to achieve your goals.