Apartment Dreaming
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I'm moving into a new place in Dallas next month and I'm beyond psyched. Its closer to downtown and within five minutes of tons of awesome spots. I posted an apartment refresh a bit ago but I decided that I wanted to jushh it up a bit. I included a bit more of a "Parisian apartment" vibe and it feels much more me. In this post I've outlined a few of the pieces that I'm most excited about including in my new apartment! 

FRENCH CHAIR - I've been totally in love with Wisteria ever since I was in high school and I finally pulled the trigger on a big ticket item from them. I snagged a stunning french-style chair with taupe upholstery for 50% off from their outlet store off of Midway in Dallas. It's the perfect addition to my new, larger living room and I have already spent a few hours curled up in it reading. It has a laid back/regal feel to it that elevates any space. I have to say, french country is by far my favorite furniture style.  

LEOPARD RUG - I purchased this little leopard rug from Urban a few weeks ago and I'm a huge fan. I am thinking that I'll place it in the bathroom under my vanity stool, but it could also be in the living room. I have always adored a pop of cheetah print in my living space, but lately its been feeling juvenile. This particular leopard rug feels very chic and understated - exactly what I've been after. 

VINTAGE RECORD HOLDER & DISCO BALL - These are clearly necessities that everyone must own. I've kept my dad's old disco ball (yes, I said my dad's lol) in the corner of my current dining room. In the afternoons the light hits it just right so that little dots of light are thrown around the room. It gives magic hour a new vibe. I also snagged a vintage record holder made to look like gold bamboo from Lula B's in Dallas. It only holds about a third of my albums so thats where I'm keeping my special records. The mid-century modern design of it adds a bit of retro flair to my space. 


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I've linked many of my favorite home pieces below! Simply click on an image to be taken directly to the shop's site. Many of these items are affiliate linked through RewardStyle, so if you have any issues with that feel free to search them instead!

Sarah Mecke
Rainbow Dress

I'm all about the rainbow stripes trend this summer. I've seen it everywhere from beach towels to head scarves, but I have to say this rainbow striped dress from Beehive is one of my favorite rainbow finds. I paired it with my white ankle boots for a bit of a retro, go-go girl vibe. 

 Photos by the talented Adriana @lookswithadri.

OutfitsSarah Mecke
Good Things // Vol. 3

Good things should be yelled from the rooftops. There's too much beauty and peace in this life that goes past us unnoticed. I love this blog series because it is my chance to sit down and write about things going on around me that are fun, blissful, exciting, or inspiring. July has been a month full of monotony and I had to dig a little deeper to find my good things worth sharing with you. But I sure as hell found them, and I encourage you to make a list of your good things and share it with someone you love - or share it with a rando, like your mailman, but share it! Sharing good, positive things encourages empathy in others and makes shit a little less bleh out there. 


Let's start the good things off with my discovery of Wild Rose Vintage, run by my girl Kim! Wild Rose Vintage is the epitome of cool-girl vintage, a look I'm desperately trying to pull off lol. Kim scours the DFW area looking for perfect vintage pieces to include in her online boutique. I'm particularly fond of her concert tees (I just snagged a KISS tee and am getting a Journey one from her soon - so psyched!) I wrote a full post about my finds from Wild Rose Vintage that you can check out here


July has been a very lame month so far, so I have decided to pep things up a bit by creating a movie club! I'll focus on film classics from the 40's to the 60's. If you want to watch and discuss the films with me, I'll post about the movie of the week on my instagram and we can have a party in the comment section. We will start next week with Breakfast at Tiffany's. (This gif of the film's heroine Holly Golightly sums up my collective mood from this month perfectly.)

I’ve been getting my nails done by Cherry lately and I’m totally obsessed. They are a full service mobile nail salon that comes right to your home! I schedule my appts for when I get off work and I’m too exhausted to mess with going to the nail salon for an hour. They come right to my apartment, it makes me feel so damn fancy lol. They are total babes and gave me a discount code to share with my friends. Use SarahLaVie to skip the waitlist and receive $10 off your first service!! Dallas residents only for now, but they are expanding soon!


I'm moving into a new apartment in August and I've gone totally mid century modern crazy in the decor for it. My favorite sources of inspiration for vintage/unique home decor are Make Moves Vintage, Natalie Catalina, and Taylor Sterling. How insane is that pink velvet shell chair (above) from Make Moves Vintage?? 

InspoSarah Mecke
Modern Go Go Girl

This feminine outfit is flirty af with a touch of retro flair. I think I have described most of my recent looks as being feminine with a touch of retro flair so what's new lol. For some reason I felt compelled to pose like I was in the middle of doing the hustle on the dance floor at Studio 54. Photos by the talented Adriana @lookswithadri at Beehive!

OutfitsSarah Mecke
70's Dress X Wild Rose Vintage

I met THE COOLEST woman ever the other day, Kim from Wild Rose Vintage! She owns a beautifully curated boutique full of gorgeous vintage clothing. I had to snag this 1970's blush dress + a KISS concert tee when I saw them at her pop-up at Beehive last weekend. Kim spends her free time hunting for vintage treasures at estate sales, markets, and thrift stores - she even jets all the way to LA for some of her pieces. Her passion for her business is incredibly apparent when you see how clean, curated, and stylish all of the pieces in her collection are. Each item is unique and has a history all its own! Photos by the talented Adriana @lookswithadri

OutfitsSarah Mecke
Southwestern Adventure

We found the coolest spot while cruising down Texas highway 281 this past weekend. The Southwest Center is several miles north of Marble Falls, Texas and is a glorious, pink, retro dream. I honestly have no idea what the utility of this place is, but it was the dreamiest spot for an impromptu photoshoot!

Sarah Mecke