My Interview With Beehive Austin!

Beehive Babe Interview with blogger of Sarah La Vie

Y'ALL I am so thrilled to share this interview I did with Beehive!! I simply had to post it on my blog so I can save it forever. If you couldn't tell from the majority of my fashion posts, Beehive is my absolute favorite fashion + lifestyle brand. I've shopped with them ever since I was in high school and have always regarded them as the go-to boutique for the it-girl. 

I sat down with my gorgeous friend Adriana Escobedo from Beehive last week and she asked me some interesting, thoughtful questions. I've shared them + my answers here! I hope you get a better picture of who I am and what I stand for through this wonderful interview. I'd love to start a conversation if anything sparks you!


Interview With Beehive:

Beehive babe or not, we couldn’t help but introduce a girl that is seeing the world through rose-colored lenses people! We sat down with Fort Worth native Sarah Mecke and got personal in full Beehive fashion! Let’s just say that she is definitely here to sprinkle a touch of her magic.

So enough small talk, and let us introduce to you the girl of the hour…

1. Who is Sarah Mecke? Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Hello babes, I’m Sarah! I exclusively speak in hyperboles, I own an industrial sized disco ball, I adore getting giddy over everyday magic, I have a kitty who I named Mimosa even though he’s a dude, I am in graduate school to get my masters in counseling so I can become a play therapist, I’ve seen every Family Guy episode 4 or 5 times, and I am an avid proponent of doing what makes you happy. Whew, now I need a cocktail.

Beehive Babe Interview with blogger of Sarah La Vie

2. What is one item that you dream about having in your wardrobe?

My dream closet would absolutely contain the bright pink fur coat from J Crew. It came out a year or so ago and I’ve been all over eBay and Poshmark seeing if the prices will go down on it (no luck so far). If I could get my hands on that gorgeous little slice of perfection, I’d wear it 24/7. You’d see me all decked out in that thing grocery shopping at Target, pumping gas, and I’d maybe even sleep in it. No lie, it would be my new staple. 

3. What was the motivation behind starting your own blog? Has that motivation changed throughout the years?

So fun fact, I actually started a different blog for the calligraphy business I once had, Serendipity Fine Lines. I’ve always been really into art and design so I started a little side hustle in college as my creative outlet. It was exactly what I needed at the time, but when I moved to Dallas after graduation it became less of a passion. I still loved the blogging aspect of my side hustle, so I created a new site focused on just that! I finally launched in January of 2017 to focus on more of what I currently am obsessed with such as fashion, travel, lifestyle, and all things self-love. I really enjoy focusing on bringing out what makes you happy and growing into the mentality of not giving a shit what anyone else thinks. This is something I’m increasingly becoming an expert in and it’s such a freeing feeling. I want to share that perspective with my friends and anyone who feels like following along. 

4. What are your 5 wardrobe must-haves for this Fall?

First, and most importantly, get yourself a cheetah coat. That fabulousness can transform even pajamas into a chic ensemble. From there, I believe you can’t go wrong with essentials like a solid pair of leather ankle boots and knit sweaters. Dress that up with the Bando Sidekick pom pom purse in poppy red & the Glossier Generation G lippy in Zip and you’re fierce af.

Beehive Babe Interview with blogger of Sarah La Vie

5. You are a Brand Ambassador for Beehive and also a Representative for Glossier, is there anything you hope to accomplish through representing both a local business and such a huge beauty brand?

I’m seriously living such a dream getting to work with Beehive and Glossier. I only work with people and brands that I am truly jazzed about, and Beehive and Glossier make me feel freaking giddy. My goals for working with amazing brands like this are to support the badass babes who put so much of their souls into their brands and create genuine magic. The authenticity behind Beehive and Glossier is something very special and I want to support them in any way I can. 

6. Something at Beehive that you can’t stop obsessing about.

There is this light pink purse with pom poms on each side and it is literally the most gorgeous bag I’ve ever laid eyes on. Every time I’m in the store I walk over to it and gently caress it and whisper to it to wait for me (not in a weird way or anything lol). Someday it will be mine.

Beehive Babe Interview with blogger of Sarah La Vie

7. We love to say you’re a queen of DIYs. What has been one of your favorite things you’ve ever done. 

Hands down, the life-sized disco ball costume. I was intensely inspired last Halloween to be something v crazy. I worked for a solid month on that thing and spent way too much money on paper maché, but it tuned out epic. I went to the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum’s Halloween party and got beat by some kids in the costume contest. They were cute, but my costume was on another level. I’m still sore about it. I may have pouted a bit. The disco costume is in my parents’ attic awaiting its triumphant return to the spotlight. 

8. If we look at your Instagram, we can definitely see a pink theme going on. Is it hard maintaining that same theme? Will you ever change it?

I naturally gravitate towards shades of pink, probs because I’m looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. I really dig a light and cohesive aesthetic, so my photography tends to lean towards that side of the spectrum. It’s really not difficult to maintain that kind of cohesion when it’s what your eye gravitates towards! I really don’t foresee totally changing the theme since I kind of crave it at this point (I’m a photography addict). I can’t imagine having a dark look, it wouldn’t feel like me. 

Beehive Babe Interview with blogger of Sarah La Vie

9. Describe your style in 4 words.

Feminine, comfortable, wanna-be-French, & cheeky. I love being a teeny bit over the top with my wardrobe, but not ever so much to sacrifice comfort. I like to think I’m a French girl even though I am most certainly not, though bitch don’t kill my vibe.

 10. Is there a person or brand that influences your style? 

My fellow Beehive Babes are my biggest influences for sure. I am constantly stalking the Instagram’s of @lookswithadri, @gracie_mcclure, and @kristenorr. I love seeing how they collaborate their personal style with that of Beehive’s in different, equally killer ways. I really dig the way they are so genuinely authentic to themselves. 


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