Jeans & Pumps: A Perfect Pairing

Jeans & Pumps // Sarah La Vie

Sometimes a pair of soft cotton jeans and a pair of lady-like pumps belong together. They simply long to be with one another, like me and the McDonald's breakfast menu. Some may think its wrong, but it feels oh so right... the outfit pairing, I mean. Like Ross and Rachel, these closet classics compliment each other through juxtaposition and somehow it just works. A tee and a few accessories are the final touches on a simple look that still has plenty of pizzaz. I hardcore dig this look, if you can't tell. 

P.S. - I designed my tee to have a super light blush graphic on it that reads "bring me champagne," but the colors were so light in the photos that its barely visible. So squint - its cute, trust me. 

Would you rock a pair of jeans and pumps?? Is it as fab as I think or a bit of a miss? I want to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Photography by Meggie Taylor

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