How To Rock A Beret

How To Rock A Beret by blogger of Sarah La Vie

With colder weather being the new norm, it's totally appropriate to rock this season's chicest headwear - the beloved beret. Below I have outlined some tongue-in-cheek steps to guide you in mastering the art of the beret. 

Step 1: Get a quality beret. Wool berets are the way to go as they are the traditional fabric. 

Step 2: Decide if you want to wear your hair down or up. Down with messy waves is my fave, but a low messy ponytail is a close second. Never wear your beret with your hair in a high pony or high bun, you'll look like a gnome. 

Step 3: Slip the beret on and adjust it slightly off center. If you wear it totally straight it means you're a nerd. If you're into that then I guess get it girl, but I like the whole "rebel Parisienne" look with it being a bit off. 

Step 4: Strut around like the babe you are. You're welcome. 

Location // Beehive Fort Worth

Photography // @lookswithadri

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