How I Motivate Myself to Work Out

How I Motivate Myself to Work Out // Sarah La Vie

I have a confession... I am kind of a brat about working out. Actually, I sort of hate it. I don't like forcing myself to go to the gym just to be embarrassed at how I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, or make myself run for literally any length of time. I know it's not cool (nor healthy) to dislike exercise, but it's my reality. Now saying this, however, I always feel amazing about myself in the following hours and days after I do exercise. It's such a mood booster and (no duh) it's wonderful for you. So since I'm a brat about working out, I have to trick myself into doing it. I've laid out just a few of the tricks that I use to make myself break a sweat - and actually enjoy it! 


Don't you feel so sporty when you put on a pair of cute leggings or a new workout top? Me too! Using workout gear that I think is cute is probably the number one way I trick myself into working out. Once I put on my disco leggings, I'm launched into a "sporty-chic" mindset which makes me actually want to put my cute gear to work!


The right playlist can set a fire under my lazy butt and make me want to move. With a good playlist, running on the elliptical feels like dancing. I linked one of my workout playlists below!


Finding an aspect of exercise that you really enjoy and setting your focus on it can not only improve your workout in the moment, but it can also shift how you view exercising as a whole.  One of the features that I enjoy focusing on is getting better at the individual moves or poses in my classes. I'm currently in love with yoga, so there is a lot of room for growth in my practice in that regard. My favorite studio is Karmany Yoga in Fort Worth & Dallas!

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