Ready to Rodeo


Late January is the start of my city’s favorite time of year.  The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo is a deep tradition going all the way back to the founding cattlemen of Fort Worth. It’s the longest running rodeo, held annually since 1896 and has provided millions of dollars in college scholarships to Texas Tech and my alma mater, Texas Christian University! The rodeo is a cultural icon for Fort Worth, but selfishly my favorite aspect is that it’s a hell of a good time. I’ve gathered a few tips on how to have a damn good time at the FWSSR + a style guide on what I’m going to wear!

How to Rodeo like a Fort Worth Babe

  1. It will most likely be chilly, long sleeves and/or pants are recommended.

  2. You might get some dirt kicked in your beer, or in your face for that matter. Embrace it, it’s good luck.

  3. Let your extrovert come alive. There are tons of cool people from all walks of life at the rodeo and you never know where you can make a rad new friend.

  4. Get your western on, even if you feel like a total poser. This is the perfect time to break out your fancy cowboy boots and cowboy hat. See my style picks below!!

my rodeo style picks  

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