Tropical getaway Vibes

Tropical Getaway Vibes

I'll be completely honest with you, I was nervous to wear a mid-drift showing two piece set on camera. I typically like to have my tummy and legs covered because I'm not 19 anymore ya know... but I have to say, once I put on this set and looked in the mirror, I felt like a freaking babe. And when you feel like a freaking babe, you own that shit. That feeling is too few and far between to take for granted. 

I adore this look, clearly. It gives me 60's tropical getaway vibes, can you see it? Or maybe I'm just watching way too much classic film theses days. The two piece set is soft and flowy + the skirt has built in shorts so that the sassy slit up the side doesn't show too much. I got it from one of my fave online retailers, They have crazy low prices on all of their stuff so yay for that. I paired the set with pink sandals and a straw bag to play into the tropical/summer look. I've linked everything at the end of this post under "Shop the Look!" 


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