Finding The Magic in People

Tulle skirt + Girls Tee // Sarah La Vie

Hey babes!! Hope ya'll are out there enjoying what sets your heart racing and keeps you fully engaged in life! For me, this blog is a culmination of many different things that I am in love with. Modeling (lol, I use this term loosely), photography, graphic and web design, personal expression, and aesthetic beauty are all things that keep me awake at night with excitement for future possibilities. I recently had a shoot at Beehive Fort Worth and it was such an amazing experience. The shoot was not only a total blast, it was a wake up call telling me that this is what I want my life to be about: Engaging with different individuals and finding a working harmony towards a similar goal.

What a cool thing it is to understand that each person you meet is an expert in something and that you can learn from them. Each individual has magic in them and you can see it if you take the unselfish time. I just watched this amazing Ted Talk (here) on how to have meaningful conversations with individuals. I feel that this talk is so important in giving us tools to break past the barriers we create and helps us find magic in each other. I highly, highly recommend watching it.

I post these thoughts with this outfit because I want to be totally congruent is dressing myself for myself and not the world. I hope by me dressing in my blissfully ridiculous fashion, it inspires you to not give a damn what others think and act and dress in a way that is fulfilling to you. 

Location: Beehive Fort Worth // Shirt: Daisy Natives // Skirt: J. Crew (mine is an older model)

Thank you to my love Adrianna for taking these lovely photos! You are amazing. 

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